The healing dimension therapeutic massage

“I connect with my spirit guides to channel the beautiful healing energy of the universe so that all my clients receive just what they need. I offer a safe, non-judgmental environment for people to be at peace and heal.”​

Holistic Healing Massage​

Massage has been used for thousands of years as a restorative and healing practice.  Receiving a massage can help reduce stress and tension, provide pain relief, reduce headaches, insomnia and anxiety.  It can also provide a client with a feeling of clarity and is an opportunity to disconnect from a busy, stressful lifestyle.

I have a flowing Swedish style of massage and use of a variety of strokes and techniques to ease tension in muscle, enabling better circulation throughout the body.  Releasing areas of tension provides overall body relaxation and restores well-being.  I aim to achieve satisfactory pressure for each client.

I provide a safe, therapeutic space with clean towels and linen for each client.  It is a non-judgmental zone where clients can be completely at ease and be themselves.  Often receiving a healing massage can bring emotional issues to the surface and these may be discussed or not depending on a client’s wishes.  Most of my massage sessions include a short insight reading for the client.

For several years I worked with refugees who have experienced torture and extreme trauma and have volunteered in a third world hospital, so am experienced in holding therapeutic space for clients without being affected myself.  I can also work with clients who require interpreters.  All my clients are treated with respect, empathy and compassion and sometimes we laugh together too.

Massage is suitable for most people and over the last ten years I’ve worked with clients as young as seven and as old as 90.   There are some contraindications so if you have a medical condition and are unsure whether to receive massage or not, please check with me prior to booking.

Being a member of Massage New Zealand, the professional association for massage therapists, professional standards are maintained at all times and I regularly take advantage of the professional development opportunities offered via this organisation.

Oncology Massage

Oncology massage safely addresses the needs of a cancer patient by paying close attention to the physical, emotional and psychological needs of a client during diagnosis, treatment, recovery, survivorship or palliative care.  Research has shown that very light massage can be restorative and beneficial for cancer patients.  

Sessions are tailored for individual clients depending on their level of fatigue, ability to lie in a particular position or move, sensitivity to light or temperature and other factors. 

My training included learning about different types of cancer, different treatments and considerations around those treatments and I am able to work around PIC lines, ports, catheters and other medical equipment.

Using very light touch and safe sequences of strokes, clients with cancer experience a feeling of restoration for their body, mind and spirit.  This modality is also suitable for fragile patients with other serious illnesses.

Clients who are able to come to my clinic are encouraged to do so, but for those who are unable to (if they are in the hospital or in palliative care at home) I am able to make a hospital or home visit (this incurs a travel charge).  Please note that there is usually a longer consultation time and shorter hands-on massage time for Oncology Massage.  This is due to my need to understand fully about a client’s condition, treatment and personal experience as well as consideration of a client’s fragility and inability to cope with a full massage session.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage​

The Lymphatic System is an important part of the body’s immune/defence system.  Lymph is a watery fluid that leaks out of the blood vessels and accumulates in the spaces between the cells of body tissues.  This fluid drains into a network of lymph capillaries and then into larger vessels which have filters called nodes. 

Lymph nodes are made of tissue containing specialised white blood cells that neutralize or destroy microorganisms in lymph. Waste products and destroyed bacteria are carried in the lymph fluid back into the bloodstream then they are then disposed of with other body waste.  Lymph is circulated by the action of body muscles, which pushes the fluid through a series of one-way valves.  The number of lymph nodes varies in each person and lymph nodes vary in size from a pinpoint to the size of a baked bean.

Lymphoedema is the swelling of the tissues due to blockage or absence of lymph drainage channels and this can occur for a number of reasons including post-surgery where lymph nodes have been removed (e.g. mastectomy) or sometimes a person is born with a compromised immune system.

Manual Lymphatic drainage is a valuable component in the treatment and control of lymphoedema.  It can also relieve fluid congestion, swollen ankles, tired & puffy eyes, headaches and swollen legs during pregnancy.  It is beneficial for the reduction of lymphoedema, improved immune system health, detoxification, relaxation and energising effects.

During a session, the lymph nodes are stimulated then, using a very light touch, the lymph is manually encouraged towards the stimulated nodes.  It is very gentle and pleasant to receive.  Clients often notice sounds within their body as the fluid starts to move.  Sometimes more severely swollen limbs may be compression-bandaged during the session and sometimes compression garments may be recommended for everyday use.

Afterwards, clients notice a feeling of lightness and a significant difference in the size of the limb, improved flexibility and movement and a feeling of relaxation.  It is common for people to urinate more frequently after a session. 

The Healing Dimension