Testimonials about the healing dimension

“I have so appreciated your fabulous massages and your warmth and understanding. You’ve really been there for me through my ups and downs and lightened my journey incredibly. I know you will be the light for so many more.”  

—Fiona D, Wellington​

“It has been great to come to you regularly over several years. I have really appreciated the wonderful massages plus your friendship and loving, caring support.”

—Daphne J, Wellington

What a memorable experience it was having you visit the cabin, set up your massage table, and do your beautiful healing work there in the privacy of my personal living space.  

It was just lovely how you naturally involved Mum in the process by encouraging her to place her hands on the soles of my feet while you gently cradled my head ... the tears that flowed for both of us were so therapeutic.

Your love, skills, wisdom and insight made such a difference to us physically, emotionally and spiritually. A heartfelt THANK YOU for the special work that you do Donna!

—Karen E, Christchurch

It was fortuitous that I came across Donna, and for a year had regular sessions with her. These sessions were the highlight of 2017 for me. Over the year what gained momentum was our spiritual discussions. These were deeply meaningful and profoundly influential and I could feel the expansion that was taking place within me as a result of these discussions.

Donna's non- judgmental approach, her open heart, her knowledge and her own inner guidance led our discussions to include many of the Great Spiritual Masters teachings which at their core form the Great Universal Truths.

All of us have this wisdom within us, we simply need to be reminded of that which we have forgotten.

I feel uplifted and deeply appreciative of this most special time with Donna. 

—Jane Keith, Christchurch

An amazing experience!!

I was introduced to Donna in July 2016 while we were in the process of building our first home and after a very long and stressful Three years I felt it had left both myself and Kerry completely depleted of our energy and zest for life!

Donna has been an amazing support both physically and mentally for me during this time, not only are her massages the BEST most relaxing I have ever had but her ability to connect with me helped me feel completely at ease with her.

One particular session I came to her in a very negative frame of mind and she asked if once we were in the house would I like a blessing to celebrate all we had achieved and to remove any residual negative feelings we were still carrying so we could move into a more positive space for our future?

Instantly I was excited about this idea!

Donna came to our house on a lovely warm Sunday in January 2018, starting with the most beautiful, kind words in celebration all of our achievements together that made us all relax and smile, then through to each room cleansing and creating positive energy as we moved through the house together.

It was the most calming and uplifting experience for myself and my family and a topic for all involved for a few weeks following.

Since the blessing I can truly say our house feels like a home.

Over the past few weeks since we moved in all visitors remark on how lovely the home feels and I believe that is to do with the loving positive energy Donna put into each room and I will be always grateful.

I highly recommend Donna to everyone I speak to and hope that many more people get to experience Donna’s blessings in their home.

—Amy French, Christchurch

I regularly get a massage done by Donna and she does an amazing job every time! I was initially very hesitant to come as I had never had a pregnancy massage before but her kind, gentle manner consistently makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. She definitely goes above expectations to create and maintain relationships with her customers while still remaining professional which is very valuable and something which I highly appreciate. I would highly recommend Donna to anyone looking to relax and be pampered.

—Claire C, Lower Hutt

Being a busy Mum of three, I often don’t stop and take time out for myself, rushing around chasing children and packing as much into a day as literally possible.

Donna offers a wonderful, peaceful space where I can relax and as Donna would say (live in the moment and be more present).   Being on Donna’s table for me is a truly uplifting experience.  

Not only does she do the MOST AMAZING MASSAGE but her guidance, friendship, support and calming nature is such a breath of fresh air and you want to spend more time around this lady.

I always leave after my session feeling more in balance and lighter, as well as truly relaxed.

I have also had a number of connections with past family members while on Donna’s table which gives me comfort and I feel very fortunate that I have had these experiences through Donna and I treasure these connections.  What she shared with me, nobody ever would have known and for that she has a gift that I would love others to be able to experience.

I would and have recommended Donna to many people and know that they  also walk away after a session feeling better for knowing Donna and for what ever service she offers them and her being a part of their lives.

—Sonya H, Christchurch

The Healing Dimension