The Healing Dimension SCAR TISSUE RELEASE

Releasing scar tissue can improve posture and biomechanics of the body as well as release held emotions related to the scar.  Most scars are softer and less visible after even one session.  Clients report increased energy and blood flow to the affected area.  They also feel lighter and have increased freedom of movement.

This method is suitable for:​

Using the McLaughlin Scar Tissue Release® method (MSTR®), surface and underlying scar tissue is gently and painlessly worked on to ease out the scar and reduce the visible appearance of it.  This is effective for old scars (can be decades old) or new scars (must be at least eight weeks old and fully healed) and includes scar tissue beneath the surface of the skin.

Acknowledgement and release of emotional pain and/or trauma associated with scarring is a part of this treatment and is handled sensitively.​

Abdominal surgery scars (including laparoscopic)

C-section scars

Hysterectomy scars

Spinal surgery scars

Trauma scars, including head wounds

Mastectomy scars

Amputation scars

Underlying scar tissue from laparoscopic surgery

Burn scars (to a certain extent)​

The Healing Dimension