The Healing Dimension Intuitive Guidance

Guided Meditations and Chakra Clearing

Written Messages From Spirit

Spiritual Discussion

Messages From Those In The Spirit World For Guidance, Upliftment and Understanding​

House and business blessings.

Being a Medium I bring through messages from those in the Spirit World. 

I receive these messages in a number of different ways—including, but not limited to, hearing a message and seeing the person in spirit who brings the message, or I can be shown a visual image and get an impression of what that image feels like, or sometimes I experience on my body how a person in spirit passed or what my client is feeling.

I occasionally use cards and sometimes read photographs or objects. I don’t fortune-tell (my messages are for guidance, upliftment and understanding).

I can take clients on a guided meditation that starts with a chakra clearing.  We then discuss what happened during the meditation and correlate it to what is happening for that person in their everyday physical life.  A session like this may include some healing.

I also offer one-on-one teaching sessions for new mediums—learn how to connect with guides, do readings, spirit writing, psychometry and healing.  Learn how to set boundaries and keep this practice safe.

I am also able to provide written messages from Spirit for clients on request.  Suitable to include with a birthday, thank you or occasional card.

Spiritual Discussion

For those that wish to learn more about and discuss some of the modern spiritual teachings, I can facilitate such a session.​

We may read together part of a book or listen to a teacher such as Eckhart Tolle speaking, discuss it and correlate those teachings to that client’s own situation.  Clients may bring their own reading material or I can provide a range of books and video.​

Home & Business blessings

I am delighted to formally bless a home—this may be a brand new house, an existing house that a family has just moved into or an existing residence that may need the energy refreshed.​

I say a short blessing in each part of the house and sprinkle some scented water in each room concluding with an overall blessing for those that live there.  I leave the family with a booklet which includes the wording of each blessing and I also provide some symbolic gifts.  Have just the residents of the home in attendance or invite family and friends and create a celebration.

I also bless business premises and word the blessing accordingly.  Particularly suitable for new businesses in new premises or businesses in need of an energy refresh.​

The Healing Dimension